Owners Refused To Take Dog To The Vet So He Suffered From a Large Salivary Tumor For Six Years

For more than six years, his former owners disregarded the enormous salivary tumor. The poor dog was in excruciating pain. He cried constantly and couldn’t even move his head.

A wonderful dog is now receiving medical attention after his former owners ignored his massive salivary tumor for an astonishing six years. The Long Way Home rescue organization claims that although Jake’s former family loved him. They neglected to take him to the vet when his face started to swell.

According to the owners, Jake has been coping with a salivary tumor for 6 years since they initially thought a snake bite was to blame. He is extremely well-behaved, potty trained, gets along with other dogs, and can even shake. He was raised as an indoor dog.

Jake was found roaming in a rural part of Texas last week, and Cribs for Canines set out to persuade his family to give up ownership so that he could get the medical care he need from a veterinarian. Jake is receiving treatment in Waco. He has already seen a great deal of comfort after a sizable amount of fluid was removed.

We are appreciative to the excellent staff at Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, where Dr. Lide and his associates have been caring for Jake.

Jake was able to move his head for the first time in 6 years. It was quite simple to complete!
He looks to be in good health overall, eating and urinating normally, and being upbeat.

Although there are no guarantees that Jake will make a full recovery, committed individuals are working nonstop to give him the greatest opportunity.

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