Monster Broke Her Back & She Crawled Through Field Of Broken Glass To Find Help

Nancy the Doberman ended up in a junkyard with a broken back after being thoroughly beaten by her abuser, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The monster knew no one would find the emaciated dog in the deserted dump and she would eventually succumb to her injuries. But Nancy was desperate to survive.

Nancy became paralyzed from the beating she took, but she began crawling through the shattered glass and metal shards scattered around in the junkyard. She was bleeding and had tears in her eyes, but she didn’t want to give up. Fortunately, someone finally noticed her and rushed her to the hospital and prayed for her life.

In this video, we see Nancy’s traumatizing time at the hospital as she tries to come to terms with her paralyzed state. The vets perform a difficult surgery to fix her damaged spine, but Nancy’s movements remain heavily restricted. In fact, her back legs had no movement at all. Her caretakers take the decision to send her to a rehabilitation center where she could receive further treatment.

With continuous water therapy, massages, and treadmill exercise, Nancy’s front legs slowly got healed after a rigorous few months. However, her back legs were still mostly unresponsive. The rescuers didn’t want the sweet girl to suffer much, so they got her a wheelchair that enabled her to play and socialize with other rescue dogs!

The rescuers are planning to continue Nancy’s physical therapy. She has already started to show promising movement in her back legs, and can even move without her wheelchair! Nancy has been a real trooper throughout her treatment. We hope she makes a complete recovery and finds a loving forever home!

Click the video below to watch Nancy’s heartbreaking story of abuse and her incredible recovery.


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