Because of the birth of the fifth child by its owner, the pitbull’s owner left him in a shelter.

For an innocent pit bull , affection like him may not be enough. It was abandoned by its owners at a shelter just because they were giving birth to their fifth baby, writes petsdailynews

Pit bulls have been considered aggressive and dangerous dogs in society for many years, either because of their looks or because the stories prove it. But the reality is very different, because this breed is exactly like the others.

With good upbringing and good treatment, these wonderful dogs are capable of becoming as loyal and loving as any other dog.

A very affectionate bull was abandoned at a shelter for the most unfair of reasons. Look how sweet he is!

The perfect example is Stormy, a 2-year-old pit bull who, despite everything, continues to become a friendly, affectionate and playful dog.

Stormy is part of a large family of a couple with 4 children, two dogs, one cat, in addition to him. They all live in perfect harmony, he is good with children, he is good with his brothers and even with the cat.

He couldn’t be happier to be a part of this great core.

Everything was rosy until her owner became pregnant and had her fifth child . This was the moment they decided they couldn’t have it anymore.

The best idea they had to get rid of him was to take him to a shelter in Brooklyn, where Stormy’s fear and sadness could be seen from the moment she took the first step to enter the establishment , a completely different place from where she came. .

This is the face of a puppy whose heart was broken.

Alana Guerrini, a volunteer and foster carer for Eleventh Hour Rescue, an organization dedicated to finding homes for shelter dogs, learned about Stormy and rushed to get him out of there fast.

Stormy had only been inside a couple of hours, but she urgently needed to get out.

In this way, Alana and her 16-year-old son went to pick up poor Stormy from the shelter to take him to his home in New Jersey and take care of him until he found a family that could take care of him.

Loading him into the car, Stormy lay on Alana’s son’s lap, wagging her tail and giving him kisses in thanks for getting him out of that cold place. So much so that when he arrived at the house he did not leave him, and as the faithful dog that he is, right where the boy sat, it was where Stormy mounted him and lay on him.

Alana instantly realized that he really was a kind and loving dog. She saw how when Stormy played with her son, she avoided touching him with her teeth at all costs to avoid scratching him and hurting him; and when someone was feeling down, she Stormy would come over and cuddle up next to them to comfort them.

Although it is a temporary home, Stormy felt much better than in the shelter.

They couldn’t believe how their previous family could have left a dog as special as Stormy, so Alana decided to be very picky about who to give it to her. A dog as wonderful as this little one deserved a family that returns the same love and affection that he has with everyone around him.

It seems really hard to believe that people would abandon their pets for such meaningless reasons. Even! I hope all those creatures have happy endings like Stormy.


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