Woman Saves Cracked Duck’s Egg And Carries It In Her Bra For 35 Days

Betsy Ross from Visalia, California, knows what having kids means, so, when she found a cracked duck egg, she decided to save it. The story began when Betsy, her kids, and her husband, went to play pickleball at the park, writes thepetneeds

While playing, they found a smashed duck nest which left them sad. Betsy and her family spent time looking for the eggs and they found a small cracked one. So, Betsy decided to save it by taking it home.

She called a local wild life organization and asked them if they’d take it the duck if she hatched it and they agreed. So, she put the cracked egg in her bra to keep it in warmth and humidity. Betsy also added that she just had to rotate the egg 4-5 times a day.

Betsy then started searching how to care for and what to do when a duckling is hatching. After searching she knew that she had to stop rotating the egg as it just needed a lot of humidity in this stage. So, she got a lot of tape, a bowl of water, gallon baggies, a plastic container, and a lamp to make a hatching box herself.

Thankfully, the duckling hatchling but he was so weak as he could not really stand or move. So, Betsy helped him by giving him some water. Betsy added that one day she will woke up find him waking. so, she’d let him swim in the mud puddles and the tub.

She also added that the cute duckling would nap with her during the day and follow her voice! Then, she knew that she had to take him to a better place.

So, she contacted a rescue connection she knew, who found her a little rescue farm. The great thing is that he has a new human girl who loves him and he is doing well. What a happy ending!

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Source: thepetneeds.com

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