She cries when she miraculously finds her lost dog 6 years ago, but she was already with another owner

She cried when she miraculously found her lost dog 6 years ago, but it was with another owner, writes animal.toancanh24h

For many people, a dog can overcome the affection they feel for a friend or other family member, occupying a special place in their lives .

It is well known that the presence of a puppy at home brings many benefits , these are wonderful creatures that bestow pure and sincere love on us, showing us their loyalty. them and surprise us with their intelligence. In addition, they promote a healthy life.

He found his lost dog after six years but it was with another owner

Although not all puppies are the same, if they have common characteristics among them , something that never ceases to amaze us is their ability to remember those who at one point in their lives endowed them with affection.

We were curious to know how long it would take your dog to erase a memory from his memory . Well, there are several stories that have been shared through social networks of people who meet their pets and they recognize them even when years have passed.

An example of this was recently made known through TikTok, a young man had one of the most exciting moments of his life when he was reunited with his missing dog six years ago .

The emotional story was revealed through the user Mr.Franki who shared the video that touched thousands of Internet users. Although many details are not known, the truth is that in the short film you can see the infinite love that the young man feels for his puppy despite having spent so many years.

In the video we can see how the young man travels in a car when he sees his old pet in the distance, but he was not alone, another young man accompanied him on what seemed like a common walk .

Stopping the car, the young man gets out and calls the puppy, who incredibly recognizes his voice and cannot help his excitement , he tries to run away but his new father takes him by the leash, controlling his emotion a little.

Although the puppy’s new father was a little confused, he approached the car and let his furry one interact with the other young people. Without a doubt, it was a magical moment where happiness and love were present .

Between agitated jumps and sweet kisses, the young man meets his puppy who recognized him despite his years . The puppy’s new father commented that he had found him long ago and adopted him, making him his best friend and one more member of his family.

The furry’s new father asked his former owner not to take him away, without a doubt, they had created a strong bond. The dog looked completely healthy and happy, so the former owner thanked him for taking such good care of him, who one day was also his great friend.

Fortunately, the young people made a deal and agreed to take turns caring for the puppy. Now this adorable ball of fur will have the joy of sharing with two families who go out of their way to make him happy .

After six years this sweet dog recognized his first owner , to try to understand how canine memory works, it is necessary to apply behaviorism , a human psychological current.

This explains behavior based on positive and negative reinforcement over time , that is, with rewards or punishments. That is, when we give him a reward for behaving well, we apply behaviorism, or when we use a firm tone when he misbehaves, we apply behaviorism.

A puppy can recognize its owner even if it hasn’t seen it for a long time.

Dogs do not have a memory like that of humans, theirs is associative, they store certain images or acts in their memory and relate them to similar situations in future times.

For this reason, despite having limited short-term memory, our pets can remember us over the years .

How nice it is to know that they are not only loving and loyal beings but that they can even remember us all our lives.


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