Poor Abandoned Pit Bull Resorted To Eat His Own Feces In Order To Stay Alive

Before the photograph could be shot, the lid of the plastic tub containing the raw meat was removed after it was found on the shoulder of the road in Columbia, Maryland.

When he was abandoned, the pit bull had not even reached the age of ten weeks yet. Thankfully, Jill Eberhart and her son Thomas saw the enormous container on the side of the road and decided to check what was inside of it. When they saw the skinny puppy curled up inside, I can’t even imagine what their shock was like. During the time that they were waiting for animal control, Jill and Thomas offered the puppy some water.

The puppy has been given the name Eddy by animal control officer and animal handler Taylor Hawkins, who is also responsible for his care. Every single night, Hawkins would bring Eddy home with him so that he could give him his prescription (and much needed TLC).

Look how much stronger Eddy is today. He improved with each passing day.

He is not at all like the grotesque creature that was hiding out in that plastic tub any longer. Oh, look at those droopy ears! The fact that Eddy was loved is easily the most exciting part of his tale! The inquiry into what happened to Eddy on the side of the road is still in progress.

Those wicked individuals who were responsible for carrying out this obligation need to be found and punished!

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