Man Can’t Stop Crying After Reuniting With His Lost Emotional Support Dog

After being separated for three days, a senior citizen from Watsonville, California is brought to tears when he sees his dog again for the first time in all that time.

When the local police come on the poor man’s door and bring his emotional support buddy, the poor man is unable to hold back his tears and bursts into sobs. The touching moment was captured on camera by one of the policemen.

It exemplifies the strong connection that can exist between a person and their animal companion.

On Saturday, the individual known only as Gary claimed that his pet dog had gone missing.

The fact that Arrowhead, a gorgeous Champion Doberman Pinscher, is the man’s emotional support pet caused him to feel an overwhelming sense of loss. Even though the circumstances surrounding how the dog went lost are unclear, a woman who found him wandering the streets and adopted him in as her own eventually brought him back home. In the end, the authorities were able to identify the charitable woman, which allowed for this tearful reunion to take place.

Officer Angel Hernandez can be seen on the surveillance tape going up to Gary’s house and pounding on the door while Arrowhead stands at his side. When he finally does catch a glimpse of his most treasured companion, the man simply cannot believe what he is seeing.

The man exclaims: ,,Oh my God, how did you do this?” as tears roll down his cheeks. ,,How did you do this?” The response given by Officer Hernandez is: ,,I told you I would find him for you.”

,,Oh Arrow, where have you been buddy. I’ve missed you. My friend.” the man explains, his eyes tearing up as he speaks.

After that, he expresses his gratitude to the officer by shaking his hand and then thanking him. He says, ,,Thank you, Angel, what a gorgeous man you are!” Angel is the recipient of his thanks.

According to the official description of the moment provided by the authorities: ,,There was nothing but tears of joy when Officer Angel Hernandez reunited Gary with his closest friend.”

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