Full Of Scabies, Lived On The Street Until He Grew Old, He Was Very Mistreated And Destined For Oblivion, But An Angel Rescued Him And Becomes The Most Spoiled

Paulito was a puppy that lived on the street for many years until he was old, he was abused and covered in scabies, but an angel saved him and he is now happy, writes androdass

Paulito was a very old street dog who only wanted to survive the terrible streets; his body was covered in scabies and scratching wounds; he was destined to die without ever having felt the true love of a family; but an angel crossed his path on his way and took him out of the suffering that he endured day by day.

He was a self-sufficient rescuer in Chile who rehabilitated him and found him a family so that he could live his final days as the happiest and dog possible.

Adoptions David Fernández described one of the rescue tales that may tear the heart of even the strongest man.

According to the Facebook posts, this young man discovered an old dog, but what attracted his interest the most was that several sections of his body were bald and unclean; he clearly had scabies, and his little eyes were diseased.

It was painful to watch this dog since he had clearly been rejected and ignored by people his entire existence, to the point of degradation and merely waiting for the rainbow to appear. But he wouldn’t stay there for long since this savior took him to a veterinarian so that his new life could begin.

Paulito’s new beginning

His terrible dermatological condition was clear, so they began treating him and following up with him to eradicate the scabies, as well as paying care to his eyes and, of course, administering the essential immunizations.

Despite his body being ravaged with wounds, they progressively vanished as a consequence of the treatment he got. The nicest thing is that he found a family that embraced him and pledged to love and care for him in order for him to give up his desire to be a happy and healthy puppy. Thank you so lot for rescuing him!

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