Cute Pit Bull Patiently Waits For Its Turn At The Ice Cream Truck .

This Cute Pit Bull Waited In Line To Get Ice Cream Just Like Everyone Else.

The heart wants what it wants.

Growing up, the ice cream truck provided excitement for kids of all ages. As soon as the familiar music began to play, we’d jump up and beg our moms for a couple of dollars to go and get an ice cream.

But as it turns out, ice cream trucks aren’t just loved by kids – they’re also a big favorite of dogs.

When an ice cream truck pulled up near her house, she got VERY excited.

How patient and well trained he is…!

So let’s just say we can’t judge a feisty pit bull for wanting its own taste of summer when the ice cream truck came by.

Excited as she rushed to the truck and patiently waited in line like everyone else as her human stood right beside her.

As a woman carrying a dog fini.shed her order at the window, our pup scampers over with its curled tail wagging excitedly. And then he or she takes a seat in order to wait in line.

As the first woman in line walks away, the pup knows it’s next. It’s looking over towards the camera nervously, waiting for mom to come over.

After a few minutes of waiting, the dog’s owner joins the queue and the sweet pit bull can’t help getting a little bit excited again.

We think after all that, he definitely deserves an ice cream – and luckily his owner agrees!

When her turn finally came, she was looking up at the window waiting for her sweet treat and when she finally got it, she ate the whole thing in seconds and then just went for more.

We think he’s the luckiest dog in the word to get treated with ice cream from the ice cream truck – those rare treats were few and far between when we were growing up!

What a good boy, I wish kids would behave like him.

Animals make our life so much more loving, colorful, joyful and genuine.

Check out the full video of this smart pit bull waiting for ice cream below:

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