Chained Dog That’s Slighted By Owner & Couldn’t Lie Down, Only Wants 1 Thing

We see stories like this one far too often. A family adopts a dog only to keep him on a chain, outside, in every unimaginable scenario: cold, rain, unrelenting heat. It’s cruel and heartless but this was the only life Hank knew. When rescuers got a call from a concerned neighbor, they knew they had to get involved, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When they got to Hank’s house, they were appalled. He sat on a chain in the cold rain. There was mud everywhere. He didn’t even have a food or water bowl. What kind of family leaves a dog like this? The authorities got involved and the rescue group was able to take Hank with them that day!

Once at the vet clinic, the rescuers got some upsetting news. Hank wasn’t healthy. He had distemper which has only a 50% survival rate. The poor pup was malnourished and severely anemic. His immune system was compromised. This meant that Hank needed a lot of one on one care. The rescue group reached out on social media for help.

Two women stepped forward wanting to bring Hank home. They offered to care for him around the clock. Hank didn’t just receive medications and proper shelter and food– he received a ton of love. His new moms made sure he made it to every doctor’s appointment, he ate properly and slept comfortably (on the couch or their bed! Not on a chain outside!)

Hank finally felt at home and at peace. He spent his days lounging about. He was weak and ill but still managed to wag his tail and lay on his moms’ laps. And while Hank was young enough, and could’ve lived a long life, his former owner ruined that for him. Without proper care from puppyhood, including vaccinations and good nutrition, Hank continued to deteriorate.

While Hank’s passing is heartbreaking, knowing he spent his remaining time feeling loved is a victory in itself. ALL dogs deserve a happy life. This was how Hank’s happiness came to be. He crossed over the rainbow bridge in his moms’ arms as they whispered, “We love you, Hank.” R.I.P sweet boy!


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