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It is said that tricolored cats bring luck, but they themselves are far from being always lucky, writes pets-tms

A tricolor kitten, still very small, was lying in the grass on the side of the road. The road runs along the forest, people rarely appear here, and cars pass at a decent speed. The kitten would not have climbed up here by itself. The baby was wet, he had almost no strength to move, and it was almost impossible to notice the crumbs in the grass.

The girl also happened to notice him, she just caught his eye on a colorful patch in the gray grass. Noticing the little girl, the baby wanted to approach her, but after a few steps, she just collapsed into the grass. The little cat tried to call for help, but she didn’t even have the strength to meow, she just opened her mouth in silence.

The girl lifted and examined the kitten, she noticed that one back leg and one front leg of the baby were not obedient. Perhaps the girl ended up on the side of the road precisely because the owners would not take care of her.

Maybe the people had nothing to do with it, maybe she just happened to be near the forest, she was just unlucky, although she must be lucky with her color.

In the end, the baby still smiled at the luck. The girl put the kitten in a carrier and took him to the vet. After taking pictures, the doctors found fractures in the front and back legs. To keep the animal moving, it was operated by placing a needle in the paw.

The operation on one leg took 2 hours, so the doctors decided to postpone the operation on the other leg, fearing that the baby was too weak to undergo two operations in a row.

The little girl was given the name Marusya. The baby has a beautiful tri-colored coat, which finally brought her luck. After a new examination, the doctors said that it was not necessary to operate on the second leg, because it had already started to develop on its own.

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