A Loving Cat Adopts An Orphaned Baby Bobcat

A newborn bobcat that had been abandoned by its mother was discovered last month and foundered by Millstone Wildlife Center rescuers in New Hampshire.

Fortunately, it was discovered that the 6-week-old kitten was physically healthy, but not mentally. She sobbed in pain and loneliness from being apart from her mother.

She did not, however, go a long time without a caring parent.

The people who found the bobcat kitten quickly contacted Spicy Cats, a group that rescues and rehabilitates stray cats. A cat by the name of Honeybun lives there. She is a kind-hearted foster mother who has nursed numerous litters of kittens not her own.

However, Honeybun had never reared a wild cat. Her maternal instinct obviously has no bounds, though.

Caroline, president of Spicy Cats, told The Dodo, “She’s extremely, very maternal and patient so we thought she’d be excellent for the bobkitten.”

Being in Honeybun’s presence, the bobcat kitten’s broken heart quickly healed. Honeybun, meanwhile, has taken to her rambunctious foster baby with the patience of a saint.

“It totally warms my heart to see them together,” Caroline said. “As far as we know, this hasn’t been tried before, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I’m thrilled they are doing so great.”

The bobcat kitten’s involvement in Honeybun’s life is only transitory since Honeybun is a domesticated cat and cannot teach the kitten the skills required to thrive in the wild. She will eventually be paired up with another bobcat at the Millstone Wildlife Center so she may attain her full potential.

Millstone is preparing for a prosperous spring release! said Caroline.

The bobcat kitten will hopefully flourish when she returns to the wild, the tragic events that required her rescue having long since passed. And all of it will have been made possible by Honeybun the cat’s kind heart.

They certainly make a nice couple, Caroline said.

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