17 Bears Touch Ground For The First Time After Being Rescued From Concrete Pits

17 bears, who were held in captivity at Black Forest Bear Park in Georgia, with no food and begging the visitors of the park for food, were finally rescued, writes www.thepetneeds.com

The female bears, who were used to breed, had no chance to see their cubs, as they were taken from them when they were born.

Sam Simpson along with PETA, the Atlanta Humane Society, took were able to take the bears to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado, after rescuing them.

Thankfully, the bears now enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits, and have the freedom to forage and roam. Imagine to have a 60-acre space to roam after being chained for years! What a great feeling! Watch the video below.

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Source: www.thepetneeds.com

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